A New World Lost in My Mind


I have decided to start up the blogging thing – again. I had an older blog, but I hadn’t written on it in months, possibly years, and decided I wanted to start fresh. Starting fresh is a good thing sometimes, right? Even if it’s small and silly, like a fresh blog.

I don’t really know what the topic of this blog is going to be, honestly. It might be a bunch of random things, depending on my mood. I have a very crazy mind that drifts onto new things constantly. I swear, no one would want to get lost in my mind because the chances of escaping are slim to none. (I just realized I painted myself crazy, but it’s the truth, I am.)

These topics could vary from school work, world news/topics, to parenting. Some of it might be my pet peeves about stuff, and other things can be about praises to people, places, or things. Like I said, it’ll be totally and completely random!

(I also hope to try to do the Daily Prompt thing from WordPress each day. Hopefully that works out!)

I am not a very good writer. Usually because my brain works faster than my fingers and I get frustrated that I am 20 thoughts ahead of what I want to say. And I am horrible with big words, though I might try sometimes!

Here’s some little fun facts about myself:

  • I have two beautiful and amazing children. They are the loves of my life and I would do anything for them, up to and including moving the moon or sun out of their eyes.
  • I am unemployed, which is why I have so much time to write blog posts! (Though, employed people can find time too. Maybe more than me, actually, because I have full-time mommy duties to attend to sometimes.)
  • I’m short.
  • I like cats. I like dogs. I like horses (from afar!). I like birds.
  • My favorite food is cake. My hips could probably tell you that.
  • I got depression problems, so sometimes my blog posts might reflect that and I am sorry in advance.

As for now, that’s all I got. Hopefully people will stop by, read this, and perhaps enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it all. Off to see the wizard now!



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