Silly Thought Number 34890

Silly Thought Number 34890:
“What would happen if humans suddenly grew wings?”

I was watching X-Men because my son left it on the TV and I am too lazy to get up to find the remote. One mutant had wings! I was crazy jealous, but then I started to really wonder: if humans grew wings one day, what would happen to the world?

Well, needless to say, all transportation services would have issues. No reason to buy a car if you have wings and could just fly easily to the store or work. And in my little dream world, flying doesn’t tire you out like a long walk or bike ride. You could fly for hours without feeling any effects! So airplane travel would probably cease to exist. Trains, cabs, buses? Things of the past.

A lot of people would probably be out of jobs because of that. Pilots, taxi drivers, the people who make all those things, sales peoples. A lot of unemployment probably. And not only that, but construction workers. No real reason for roads if you are flying in the sky.

I can just picture governments trying to control it. “No kids allowed to fly at [x amount] of feet in the air!” “You need flying lessons!” “You need flying permits!” “Flying over [insert place] is forbidden!” And so on and so on.

I guess some rules would be needed. Like no kids flying without adults. We don’t need Little Timmy taking off and suddenly find himself three states away.

New jobs could open up out of it though: Wing/air Police, Wing Doctors, Flying Teacher, Wing Cleaners! I’m sure some people could think of new jobs needed that I can’t think of.

Oh, the things I think about sometimes. Now, just image if we could swim underwater and be able to breath….


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