The Past is Haunting Me!

In the past, I wasn’t always so… responsible. I was young. I was dumb. Typical bullshit. However, it seems to be coming back to haunt me now.

I’m not talking about thugs hunting me down to torture the poop out of me or anything. I’m now being judged because of the events of my past. Let me explain:

I was very much in love in the year 2008. I moved in with this guy. Things were perfect for several months. Until they weren’t. I lost my job, making money tight. This guy tells me he will provide for me, and for about two months he did. I actively looked for a job, but it was put to a screeching halt when I was in the hospital for a week. Weeks after were a hard recovery for me, making job searching a bit hard.

My ex was paying the rent, like I said, for two months. However, after being sick for a week and going through a recovery, I wasn’t really in the mood for those sexy times. He decided to spend our rent money on girls who would have sex with his, so… basically hookers.

Naturally, we got evicted. I couldn’t afford to pay the back rent. I couldn’t for several years. It sat on my record. I was able to find an apartment with a landlord willing to take me, with a cosigner. I have been here for five years now.

I came into money last year. With two kids, I know I need a bigger place than this one bedroom. I set out to find at least two bedrooms (my daughter can bunk with me.) I have another cosigner. But these possible landlord hears the word eviction and starts to panic. It’s nearly seven years old; I have five years of solid rent paying, but they don’t like that little word. Understandable.

You’re probably asking: Why not pay it off then? And my answer is: I’ve tried!

I spoke to the lawyer of the old landlord, but she seemed stumped about it because the old landlord has since passed away. Everytime I call her, it’s “let me do the research!” or “let me see if his wife is still alive!” Or something to that effect. And she never calls me back, even after promising me she will.

I have been trying to pay this since December! It’s like they don’t want my money!!

I have paid Lexington Law to help fix my credit, and one of the things they are challenging is this eviction, but it’s like, “I could have this paid off already if this landlord’s lawyer would stop dicking around!”

I’m hoping something comes up for me. I had a massive panic attack about it last night, even though I knew there was nothing I could do at that moment. I’m tempted to call this lawyer again later today and raise hell and basically say “take my fucking money or get a judge to remove the fucking eviction!”

I just want to find a nice place for my kids to live rather than this shit hole that has drug dealers two doors now. Is that so hard to ask?


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