Fun Day in the Sun

Today was a gorgeous day outside. Hovering between 70 and 75. So I, like a million other parents, decided to take my kids to a park. It wasn’t a big park, but it wasn’t super tiny either. And surprisingly, it wasn’t fairly crowded.

I always enjoy taking my kids to parks. It’s interesting to see them play. Especially not that the youngest is old enough to figure stuff out. It’s also interesting to see how they are different.

My 8 year old is fearless. He’ll be the first one to climb to the top of a jungle gym. He’ll be the first one to cross the monkey bars or fly off the swing. He’ll explore every inch and cranny of a park and do all that there is to do. Usually about twenty times too. Even when he was younger, he tried to do the same thing, though I normally stopped him from reaching the top where I couldn’t hold onto him.

My daughter is the opposite. She’ll walk around the playground and scope out what she wants to do. She won’t climb to the top because she thinks it’s scary. So are swings and monkey bars, and most slides. She’ll cross the wiggly bridge if I hold her hand across. She’ll climb the three stepping stones if I have my hand on her back or slides. She’ll go down little slides, if I am at the end to catch her. If I can’t help her do it, she won’t attempt it.

She’s scared of a lot of things — such as water and bath times — where as my son will fly out an open window if I allowed him. It amazes me to see how different they are.

Either way, the day was awesome. Playing at the park, hanging out with friends, having ice cream and going out for dinner. 10/10 would do it all again. (Maybe tomorrow if it’s nice out as well!)


2 thoughts on “Fun Day in the Sun

  1. luckyjc007 says:

    It sure sounds like you had a wonderful day building memories for you and your children. Enjoy these very special times in their lives.We have three children and they are all different..each with their own special traits. They are grown now, but are still quite different from each other! People were amused to see the differences in them not only in personality but hair color….a red head, a blond and a brunette. (Same father) 😃

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    • My two are different looking too. Daughter is blonde with blue eyes, and the boy is brown hair and eyes. People get a shock learning they are siblings. But we cherish our moments. I know I will blink and be sending them off to college soon. (I blinked and they weren’t babies anymore!)


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