Things Are Looking Up

I realize I haven’t written in a few days, failing my own personal challenge of writing daily, but the past few days I had been fighting bad headaches. I’m not sure what was causing it. Part of me thinks I didn’t have enough caffeine intake, and another part of me believes it’s my eyes. I need new glasses since I haven’t been to an eye doctor in years… but I upgraded my computer screen to something more BAM! IN YOUR FACE and been drinking one soda a day and now my headaches are gone.

Weird, right? Shh.

Anyways, things are looking up this week. I had mentioned before that I was apartment hunting and it looks like I have found a place. I signed the lease and the realtor gave it to the landlord to sign, so just waiting to hear back that he signed it and then I turn in my security deposit. Hopefully tomorrow. And I would be allowed to move in June 1st, which is perfect since it’s in another town and my son is out of school by May 21st.

Secondly, my credit is slowly being repaired. I paid Lexington Law to work on it, since I couldn’t figure it out and my financial adviser wasn’t giving me any tips or ideas on how to get it done. I paid them around the beginning of April and they have already fixed 28% of it. Which is awesome! I have checked my credit score and it has recently gone up. Not much, but up is up and up is good. And it will continue to go up because my credit isn’t done being repaired.

It seems like little things, but at the same time, it feels like a huge weight is being lifted from my shoulders. I was having panic attacks about not being able to find a place due to my credit and eviction history, but the next week, an apartment opened up and the realtor and landlord didn’t care about any of that because I could prove to them I could pay. And it’s not a junkie apartment like the one I am currently in. It’s a beautiful place in a beautiful subdivision. I’m lucky to have gotten it.



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