Day Dreaming

Some days I like to just sit back and stare off into nothingness. Get lost in my own mind, lost in thought. Many things can cause my mind to wander: mood, type of day, holidays, seeing a good looking man. You know, anything.

When I am stressed, I tend to be lost in worry. Which causes me to be more stressed.

When I am happy, I tend to be lost in happy thoughts. My children. Friends. Family. A really good movie I happen to have watched around that time.

Sometimes I like to daydream about things that could happen… or might happen. Or daydream about silly things, like having a starring role in a movie or TV show. Daydream about what it might be like to be a doctor or police officer. It varies.

I don’t get completely lost in my mind. It usually only lasts for a few moments or when I am going to sleep at night. Daydream something good in hopes that I will have pleasant, happy dreams at night.

I know people daydream, but I sometimes wonder if I just take it to the extreme. I don’t believe my daydreams are real; I won’t believe I am a doctor and attempt surgery on someone. Just in case any internet shrinks want to shrink my mind. I guess… I just have an active imagination.

I wish I had the patience to sit down and write out the stories I might daydream. They can be fairly good. Or at least I think so. But everytime I try, I just get bored or lose my train of thought. It’s annoying.

Maybe someday I will train my mind and fingers to work together nicely.


One thought on “Day Dreaming

  1. luckyjc007 says:

    Daydreaming can be a form of relaxation. You can create whatever you want and then walk away from it when you choose. 🙂

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