Long, Tiring Day

I’ve challenged myself to write at least one blog post every day. I realize I haven’t done so yet today, but I hadn’t been home for the whole day. I was on the go from the moment I got up this morning. I got my kid to school; I visited two apartments that were listed for rent; I visited my mother; I picked my son up from school; I revisited my mother so I could fill out the application for one rental (she has the working printer/scanner, I don’t.)

I finally got home around dinner time, exhausted. So much time spent in the car driving today. At the time it didn’t seem like much, because I got out and made stops, but the second I got home… I just deflated. And I still had to think about something for dinner. Since I am hardly a cook when I do have energy, today was not going to happen. Pizza was delivered a short while later.

Then I took some time to unwind while eating a slice. I caught up on two of my TV shows. I goofed around on reddit. I read some blog posts. 8:30 hit and realized I didn’t post yet.

So… I’m to exhausted to think of anything really post worthy… so this mumbo jumbo came out. Maybe I’ll be more inspired tomorrow.


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