The Powerful “No” Moon

The full moon rises. It’s only a matter of time before I become something I am normally not.

Friends and family always tell me how nice of a person I am. I generally say yes to people in need of help, whether it’s a ride to the store, a babysitter for the night, or needing five bucks for some gas. If it’s something I can manage and have no problem with it, the general answer is yes. I rarely ever ask for anything in return as well, unless it’s a high amount of money, then I may ask for it to be paid back. Normally though, I will do anything free of charge and turn down much of everything in return.

I am that person.

I do get screwed over more often than not. Someone uses me, then just ignores me for months on end. And yet, I still do it.

However, the full moon is coming. That’s my one day of being able to say no without feeling guilty for hurting someone. It’s a freeing time. I will yell it at the top of my roof, if I could. “No! No! No to you! No to them! NO!”

If only that were the case sometimes.

This post was a Daily Prompt.